Joycelyn Choo, Violinist | Teacher

About the Studio

At it’s core, my studio is about love and community. If you’re looking for a violin teacher who is not only concerned about her student’s technique, but is also genuinely interested in the lives of her students, then give me a call and sign up for a free trial lesson. I am currently accepting students in the Chino Hills, CA area.

Student Opportunities

  • Weekly Lessons

    Private instruction in music is highly individualized and can be tailored to fit the individual needs of the student. Though many schools offer music instruction, teachers’ time with their students is highly limited. In a private lesson, the student has my full time and attention every week during their lesson. All of my students are required to take at least one private lesson a week. In this lesson we cover violin technique, practice strategies (and games), music theory, musicianship, and many other topics. In my experience as both a violin student and teacher I have found that those who study privately make more progress and are generally more satisfied in their music study. To learn more about my policies and tuition rates please read the Studio Policies section.

  • Group Classes

    I highly recommend that students participate in supplementary group classes that meet each week. Each group class is divided into two sections: theory time and ensemble time. Theory time will include ear training, rhythmic training, music theory, and music history without the violin. Ensemble time will include learning to begin & end together, playing in tune together, cueing, following, and generally thinking on your toes while playing. Some of the countless benefits of group class include allowing students to thrive socially and musically.

  • Bi Annual Recitals

    Every semester, my students perform in a recital. Recitals are an exciting time for students to get to show off their hard work. After each recital, the kids are rewarded with a potluck reception to celebrate their hard work. I know from experience that performance opportunities are the highlight of musical study. It is a joy for all students to be able to perform and see their hard work come to fruition.

  • Parent Education

    Parent education is something that I am passionate about. Because I believe that parents are my greatest allies in the violin journey, I offer many forms of parent education. All families who are new to the violin are required to sign up for two, 45 minute parent education lessons with me. These parent education sessions are strictly between the teacher and the practice parent and occur before the child starts his/her first lesson. In these lessons, we will cover bowhold technique, Suzuki methodology, practice techniques, lesson etiquette, and much more.

    Additionally, I occasionally hold private parent-teacher conferences to check in on how the students are doing during home practice. These meetings allow me to brainstorm with parents on how to meet their child’s individual practice needs.

Suzuki Method

Imagine how amazing it would be if your child went to a party and picked up a violin and played any tune that came to his mind with character and emotion. Imagine how successful you would feel because you helped your child foster that musical ability. Ear training and parent involvement are only two of the wonderful benefits of taking Suzuki violin lessons. Read more here!

Studio Policies

Families who participate in my studio must agree to my studio policies. You can view a PDF of them here .